Thursday, May 1, 2008

Revisiting earlier online training (since August)

It's nice to see this blog is still out here. I guess it doesn't "expire" from lack of use. I have recently needed it to get a log of my hours to get credit for my work - from a district that won't accept my paperwork for 18 hours of training because the online format doesn't fit in their box. Luckily the blog automatically logged my hours each time I posted.
It is also nice to re-visit this site and see all the neat things I learned that I haven't had time to think about since the school year started.
Another problem - from school I can't access my blog, or the social bookmarking, or the cool, useful sites, or even the librarylearning2.0 site. I have a request submitted (I filled out the proper form) to be allowed to access the online training site run by CSLA for professional development purposes. As a colleague at the district level commented: "it is monitored by librarians!" We'll see if it is granted.