Thursday, May 1, 2008

Revisiting earlier online training (since August)

It's nice to see this blog is still out here. I guess it doesn't "expire" from lack of use. I have recently needed it to get a log of my hours to get credit for my work - from a district that won't accept my paperwork for 18 hours of training because the online format doesn't fit in their box. Luckily the blog automatically logged my hours each time I posted.
It is also nice to re-visit this site and see all the neat things I learned that I haven't had time to think about since the school year started.
Another problem - from school I can't access my blog, or the social bookmarking, or the cool, useful sites, or even the librarylearning2.0 site. I have a request submitted (I filled out the proper form) to be allowed to access the online training site run by CSLA for professional development purposes. As a colleague at the district level commented: "it is monitored by librarians!" We'll see if it is granted.


School Library Learning 2.0 Team said...

Remember, when you successfully completed your course, your blog got moved to the "Congratulations! 2.0 Team" list on the SLL2.0 blog AND you got a certificate of completion and letter from CSLA. Do you need more? If so, see CSLA 2.0 Team co-lead and Pres-elect Connie Williams.

The professional development course should also count against your district technology plan, if it included professional development as it should in order to be accepted by the federal schools and libraries division for E-RATE funds.

Best wishes.

George E. Duckett said...


I'm new to the School Library Learning 2.0. So far you blog is the active one of the few I have found so far. I have just started the SLL 2.0 project and am looking for other active bloggers to have a look at my blog.

My blog is located at:
hope you do have time to look my blog over and give me feed back. As well as doing the SLL 2.0 project I intend to continue doing my research and posting information about free software.

Thanks George