Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Week 9 Thing 23 reflections 6

6) How would you describe your learning experience in ONE WORD or in ONE SENTENCE, so we could use your words to promote CSLA learning activities?
To use a quote from Oliver Twist, and emphasize the pleading tone:
"Please sir, may I have some more?"

Week 9 Thing 23 reflections 5

5) If we offered another discovery program like this in the future, would you choose to participate?
This is the easiest question to answer: Yes, yes, yes!!!

Week 9 Thing 23 reflections 4

4) What could we do differently to improve upon this program’s format or concept?
That's a hard one. It was pretty awesome.
It could be downsized or broken down into portions for those that can't commit to a long session.
For some it may have been too overwhelming to start, but if they did one section, say just blogging and Nings, or Library Thing and ebooks, and got to the finish line easily and quickly, then they may want to move on to another. It would be like finishing a book and wanting to read another, as opposed to reading a chapter and thinking they'll never finish the book.
I would like this to be directed towards general teachers.
Maybe it could be promoted by offering hours per "section" instead of all 18 or nothing. Once started I bet many people will not be able to stop!
I think you had the right momentum by introducing avatars and Flikr toys early on to demonstrate how creative one can get with these tools - the fun of learning.
I plan to show my movie poster sample early on in the school year to get attention "how did you make that?" "Oh, its, easy - here let me show you" (being sure it is bookmarked and at my fingertips - no good fumbling when you want to demonstrate how easy something is) - leading to other "easy" things to learn in short periods of time.

Week 9 Thing 23 reflections 3

3) Were there any take-a-ways or unexpected outcomes from this program that surprised you?
It surprised me how much I could learn in so short a time. (I did compress it into just over 1 week because of other time commitments.) The terminology comes easily now because I have experienced, not just heard about the tools. The nicest thing was the connection made with my teenager. I thought it would help communications and our relationship to know more about her interests, but it went beyond that. My husband, who works with computers and networking from a hardware end, was supportive. I've gained more respect from him. I think my service to others at the school will show improvement too, which may lead others into learning more in time. This could have a domino effect.

Week 9 Thing 23 - reflections 2

2) How has this program assisted or affected your lifelong learning goals?
School Library Learning 2.0 made some of the things I wanted to learn so easy with its scaffolding and exploring opportunities. My goal to be a lifelong learner has been made more accessible. I won't have to miss training that is held during my working hours when I can go online and learn at my own pace and on my available time. I can learn from home more easily now that I've found out that free stuff out there is pretty good and isn't messing up my computer. The learning curve for using it has been flattened. So the use if it is more accessible and learning, while using instead of in order to use, has become more rewarding. What am I saying? The tools for learning have made learning easier and more fun and therefore more learning can take place.

Week 9 thing 23 - reflections 1

1) What were your favorite discoveries or exercises on this learning journey?
I really liked the ease of creating personalized items in Flikr Toys. I can use the Movie Poster for awarding students in a way that makes them feel much more special. I liked adding my travel photos to a map. I can see great potential there for visuals in social studies: Westward movement, The missions, the colonies, Native American tribes, etc.
Library Thing is a great tool for promoting new books. It is also a new way to promote "reading programs" like CYRM, especially combined with podcasts of book talks on the novels (if I can find them).
I actually liked blogging, which I didn't expect to. The networking can be addictive.
And I like discovering that signing up and using these free programs is so easy now. Other than my experience with Yahoo's music machine, which brought back memories of past frustrations trying to use a new program, the ease of use and speed of delivery was - is - amazing and gratifying.

Week 9 Thing 23 - Library Thing

Well, this is very frustrating. In Week 8 Thing 19 I posted a Library Thing widget. I made a new post with a Library Thing search widget. I used both. They worked well. I was enthusiastic. But today the widgets are gone. Poof. Disappeared. Did I miss something? Is there some fine print somewhere that explains that widgets expire with time? I had the same problem in Week 5 when I first tried out Library Thing.
Hey, I just went back, and the widgets are showing up in week 5!. I opened Library Thing to see if that made a difference. Now that I see Week 5 is back, I looked again and Week 8 is back too. Maybe it just takes awhile for them to load? I'll test that if I close Library Thing account if the widgets stay or not.
Yep, I closed it and they are still there. I guess it is a matter of time. They must take longer to load than video or music, which were there when I searched for Library Thing book covers.
All is well.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Week 9 Thing 22 ebooks and audio books

Too tempting to start reading. I hadn't read Tarzan (Thank you project Gutenberg) since I was a kid, but browsing (to try reading online) I could see why I liked it.
I tested sites to see how easy it would be to read or hear the books, without signing up for anything, downloading, etc. I found 3 sites that fit this criteria that I bookmarked.
I'd still want to have the book in hand to read but if I couldn't find it in the library or couldn't get to the library, this is a good alternative. It is also nice to hear someone else reading and sound effects like music.
It is getting more and more important for sites to be easy to use since there are so many to choose from.
I read through 7 pages of explanation about the Gutenberg project, volunteers, the book being copyright free, disclaimers about accuracy, etc. before getting to the actual story. I'm glad to understand better how ebooks work.

Week 9 Thing 21 Podcasts via google

Okay, I finally added a podcast, using the Google link (on Library2.0 Week 9 Thing 21) to link to my Google reader account. And it worked the first time. (I'd forgotten how to post a feed to the blog but Google's "help" got me back on track. Another plus for Google.) You can find the link widget to the "spanish lesson" I added to my blog on the right side with the list of other RSS feeds - underneath the loooong list of postings.
I am soooo glad to move on, to ebooks and audio books.

Week 9 Thing 21 podcasts

I give up. Yahoo's "needed" music engine won't open. I've installed it under custom twice. Prevented emails, toolbars, etc but can't open the program to run the podcasting from within so I can save downloads. Again, I've only been able to hear them, on Windows Media Player. Maybe that's the problem. Maybe it defaults to Windows MP and won't let Yahoo's play. But I had opened the program before, then uninstalled, then reinstalled (twice) and it won't open anymore. Maybe it won't open under custom install. I don't know but I give up. I can access the podcasts just fine by saving under my social bookmarks in delicious. I haven't been able to find how to save to the blog.

Week 9 Thing 21 podcasts and Yahoo

Oh no, as soon as I published this, Yahoo's toolbar showed up.

Week 9 Thing 21 Podcast

Frustrations. First time I've had so much trouble. I can find and hear podcasts just fine, but trying to save them or add to my blog has been impossible so far.
Actually, I have successfully bookmarked some good booktalks and Yahoo does have many podcasts to choose from. Found a few on too (good one on bookbanning week about experiences with censorship).
I installed yahoo to get podcasts. I was unhappy that unsolicited yahoo email and yahoo toolbar and yahoo default browser and very intrusive ad pop ups appeared. Yahoo's program was VERY slow and frequently seemed to freeze, even on our fiberoptic service. So I uninstalled everything yahoo.
I just tried again with custom install and was able to keep out the default browser, toolbar and email. I'll see if I have any success in saving anything this time in "my subscriptions". Before I was unable to subscribe or download an episode.
Wish me luck. I've already spent so much time here I'm about ready to give up.

Week 9 Thing 20 YouTube Stop

As I feared. Too much fun, too much time spent here. After I posted the first YouTube video (Angry Librarian), I saw it had been viewed and favorited many times and it was one of the first examples I found on my own. Therefore I suspect others in our "class" have already seen it. Makes me want to check other 2.0 blogs and see what was deemed worth putting in these postings.
What surprised me: found a lot of "library/book" videos, several with kids. Had never heard of a book cart competition until today.
Was very easy to set up an account and post.
What I don't like: no rating system to protect young viewers
I like that when you click on the video on the blog site you see just the video; a double click takes you to see it on YouTube, which I couldn't allow in a school library. I suspect our filters at school would prevent access anyway. I'll have to test that.
Another great experience. I'd seen YouTube before but because of your guidance I got much more from the experience this time - searching and posting rather than just random viewing.
I chose Angry Librarian, which should have been labeled Angry Patron, because it is a backward compliment to librarians who are actually helpful and will leave their desk to assist, share their information and resources, and teach a patron how to help themselves. It reminds us that our job is to be helpful, not just preserve the resources. It also is humorous to poke fun at the frustration we face sometimes because of restrictions put in place (eg so much security on computers that their usefulness is limited - filters and firewalls strike a chord?).


"helpful" librarian

Week 9 Thing 20 YouTube librarians

The library grad video and Conan librarian were fun. I'd been introduced to "introducing the book" before by a techie help desk type person. I have many friends who can relate to trying to help someone use technology.
The Web 2.0 was excellent, a good introduction to entice teachers to use technology. I found the Library 2.0 manifesto's text message good but all the Burning Man pictures actually distracted from the message, in my opinion.
The March of the Librarians was so good! It was so CSLA. I wanted to share this with administrators to show the value of library conferences so I wish there'd been more emphasis on the collaboration and networking and a follow up of how the librarians return and use the inspiration, information, and tips in their own libraries. I can see the opportunity for a sequel to use in library conferene promotion. I'm almost tempted to do it myself. Almost.

Week 9 Thing 20 YouTube Dominos

The Library dominos was good, but even better was the "pool meets dominos", in French I think. The precision needed to make that video was awe inspiring.

Week 9 Thing 20 YouTube 60s music videos

While checking out the "60 music videos" link to YouTube...
Very interesting. Trying to find what video we were expected to watch and finally realized this is what happened to it (I think) "This video has been removed due to terms of use violation. "

Week 9 Thing 20 YouTube

I've been looking forward to this Thing #20. I usually avoid YouTube because it can keep you going, and going, and going... I also don't recommend links to it for young viewers. The link to your cute 70 commercial got me looking for more and the 2nd MacDonald's commerical should have been rated X for jokes about discrimination, bad language, and sex. Can't wait to see more though, to see how easy it is to share a video and if there are ways to keep out the link to go to Youtube (prevent unsupervised viewing).

Week 8 Thing 19 Library Thing

I am pleased with the ability to post book covers (compliments of Amazon) and to easily connect to LibraryThing where I can have an easy-to-accumulate list of titles with a variety of ways to display them.
However, I have been looking for the catalog information and have been able to find only some on the API: reviews (by posters, not known reveiwers), title, author (which display on my library page anyway), LCCN, Dewey, subjects (very helpful), but no summary or professional reviews, my main goal.
However, the link to supplies some more information.
I am back to getting catalog information from public libraries. I was hoping Library Thing would be easier and replace the cumbersome search.
What I dislike about Library Thing's search widget is that I enter a title and get anything that has a word of the title in it. It is like trying to search Google using words without quotes and getting way too many irrelevant hits to wade through. Aha! Maybe that was my mistake. I'll try again.
I have come to the conclusion that Library Thing is not what I'm looking for to help with my cataloging, but is great for easy access to titles to display the books online. I will use it.
And its FREE!

Week 8 Thing 19 Library Thing more

I already used a widget in my earlier posts. Now I added a search widget from Library Thing to compare the difference. I am looking for a connection that shows more information about the books, rather than who's reading them

Monday, August 27, 2007

Week 8 Thing 19 Library Thing

This is another try (with more books) to show Library Thing html book covers on my blog.

Week 8 Thing 18 Google doc online wordprocessing

This (see previous post which I am afraid to try to edit from Blogger) did not post as it looked in Google Doc. The red table looks like a line. The text overlaps itself. I saved as html but maybe I saved wrong before publishing to Blogger. I thought Google might work better as Blogger is under Google. Anyway, I like Zoho better. Easier to use and I think more options.
  1. This is a trial to compare to Zoho. Font can vary just a bit. size can vary. font can be highlighted.
  2. can be numbered.
  • or bulleted. I don't see a table or font color. Seems a bit more limited than Zoho
  • If I go to insert I find a table
Harder to control where color goes in the table. Has to be the whole table? Easier to delete and start over though.
Image distorts when resizing

Week 8 Thing 18 Post testing from Zoho

So it is important to make all edits in zoho, and not try to edit from Blogger because inadvertant changes happen. These changes can be observed between post 1 test and post 2 test:
Green line disappeared (hadn't tried editing it, didn't type anywhere near it),
red line disappeared (I tried to shorten it from Blogger),
background font colors changed to font colors (instead of behind the fonts) (hadn't tried to edit),
font size sample changed size (hadn't tried to edit).
Horizontal lines had wider space between them (hadn't tried to edit)

Post test2


This is a test to see how my posting can be varied by using Zoho. 

What can I do here that I can't do in my blog?  Change Fonts.  Font size. 

Font color?  Smileyssealed

Tables, but not the way I'm used to in Word I can't seem to "undo" this table or delete it. I can't seem to resize this table, although changing border lines was easy 


Cool!  I can add color to the table easily enough. 

Wow, a quick horizontal rule instead of "shift underline".

Now I can even add background color only where I'm typing, not the whole page.

  • 1.  Bullets and numbering
  • Undo and redo thank goodness.  superscript and subscript
  • ¥  →¢ Special characters.  I can actually insert a cent sign instead of typing the word.                                                                

Week 8 Thing 18 Post test from Zoho

This is a test to see how my posting can be varied by using Zoho.

What can I do here that I can't do in my blog? Change Fonts. Font size.

Font color? Smileyssealed.

Tables, but not the way I'm used to in WordI can't seem to "undo" this table or delete it.I can't seem to resize this table, although changing border lines was easy

Cool! I can add color to the table easily enough.

Wow, a quick horizontal rule instead of "shift underline".

Now I can even add background color only where I'm typing, not the whole page.

  • 1. Bullets and numbering
  • Undo and redo thank goodness. superscript and subscript
  • ¥ →¢ Special characters. I can actually insert a cent sign instead of typing the word.
  • The text cloud isn't showing up. I couldn't resize it in Zoho either

When I edited I shortened a red line, changed the title and added labels. The red line went almost completely away and a green line that had shown up earlier has now disappeared. Another edit to record this and the red line is all gone and the font size example changed.
Not a good idea to edit a post saved from zoho.
I am going to post the original to my blog again and make no edits to compare how it changes after I edited this one.

Week 7 Thing 17 - wikis

After creating a wiki so I could make a shared calendar I visited the California Curriculum Connections wiki. I bookmarked it because of the resources for ideas for using the technology I learned about this summer.
I added one about using blogging for keeping in touch with book club members, a group which keeps dissolving after the specified time for setting up. I think this could keep it going. Students show an interest in continuing but forget to show up on meeting days. This way they could respond whenever they had the time, rather than trying to meet at certain times on certain days. The avatar will be a big draw! A wiki could work too.
I was very interested in the Learning-2.0-once-a-week idea. I want to share the technology i've learned with teachers but fitting it in their busy schedule has always been a problem. However, showing a product, such as a personalized Flikr calendar or movie poster, usually gets attention that could lead to short short short teaching opportunities, one teacher at a time, or even a grade at a time. They are usually pretty accomodating during grade level meetings if they think it will be quick. I have to try.
I can see blogs or wikis replacing emails at school since most teachers at our school are reluctant to check their email because the login is so long and the spam so invasive.

Week 7 Thing 17 - wikis

Before looking at the Learning 2.0 Sandbox wiki I went through some tutorials on PB and ended up creating my own wiki with a calendar plug in. I am glad passwords are required for editing. I ensured the educational wiki (no ads or unsolicitated links!) I created was free. And still it has so many useful features, like the pre-made calendar. Another great resource

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Disappearing Links

First my links to music disappeared, but not until after I edited the label so maybe there was a connection. Now my Library Thing book covers/links have disappeared off two separate blogs. They worked, I clicked on them and went to different sites, I edited them, I exited and logged back in... and they worked. Now they are gone. The html edit tab no longer has any html in the content. Is there a time limit on how long they remain? Is there a gremlin editing my blog? I wonder what else will happen. I've noticed the blog sometimes seems to log itself out, unless I really did inadvertantly close it several times, which is possible with all the other tabs I have going and especially when I've been at this all day and I'm too tired to know what I'm doing. But I know I did not edit the Library Thing html right out off my blog. Especially not twice.

Week 7 Thing 16 - Wikis

At least I'd heard of wikis before because of the high profile of Wikipedia. As soon as I read and heard (podcast tutorials) more about wikis, I thought of a use for a project we've been wondering how to approach.

We want to set up a calendar that lists members' schedules to try to minimize time conflicts to meetings. Each member should be able to add their schedule to a master. A wiki sounds like the way to go, once I figure out where to find a free one, and then how to get an editable calendar onto it.

I enjoyed reading from links from various wikis you had links to. The wiki of a school library had some resources I can use and I bookmarked them with Delicious.

(Yes, Delicious has become the bookmarker of choice because of its shortcut on the toolbar. I still need to explore Magnolia more before I make a final choice.)

I enjoyed the CSLA wiki where I read blogs from someone who had already completed Library Learning 2.0. I already agree with some of her week 9 summary, such as liking blogging when I didn't expect to.
The request for someone living in the area to add local restaurants to recommend to the CSLA conference's unofficial wiki guide is a good example of community imput and networking.

I also was glad to read the reply to the common question/fear (which I shared) about people messing up the common work. I guess it is like vandalism. People who take pride in their community help to prevent it or clean it up.

I wondered what the difference was between a blog and a wiki, or a Ning and the vaious definitions clarified it quite well, although uses can blur the lines.

I feel quite confident that if anyone mentions blogging, Nings, social bookmarking, or wikis, I'll have a real good idea what they are talking about now. I'm not sure I've heard of anything except blogging and role playing (I mean, haha, RPing of course) before, so maybe my acquaintances and co-workers don't know about them either.

Week 6 Thing 15 - Library 2.0

Since as librarian/teacher I've been in charge of collection building and have been trying to meet the needs of students and staff with books, audio tapes, videos, CD ROMs, DVDs and computer software such as Reading Counts, I've been aware of the challenges of using technology. Students were having a hard time with software that gave written directions when they were as yet too young to read. I have been to conferences where vendors were eager to show how their software was more user friendly, the learning more interactive.
These articles show the obstacles (I mean challenges) and the advantages and visions that change is bringing.
Note: I made a point of looking for a female presenter in the list when I saw so many were male.

I have to disagree with "Icebergs" about the lack of justification of having a collection. Books are still very portable and in demand by students. Not everyone has a computer, and if they do, not necessarily on the internet, and if so, not necesarily available to the student. I wish more books were available online. I wish there was a free online catalog I could access. I also doubt the joy of holding a book, carrying it around, and sharing it with a friend will ever be replaced by technology. IN any case, our collection includes technology to be "borrowed" by students who can't afford the cost or space for a large collection like a library can. I agree that libraries need to change and it can be done one boat at a time. I also agree that training is an obstacle but that the constantly improving tools are solving that. What could be easier than Flikr's calendar maker that gives the user creativity tools to make their own personal product.
I also agree with Michael Stephens that the librarian is very necessary as a guide and needs to be able to embrace the Web 2.0 tools, plan for the users, and make good yet fast decisions.
Dr. Wendy Schultz wrapped it up nicely: libraries of the future (and now) need not to replace the libraries of the past (libiraries 1.0 - 3.0), but to absorb them. We will not drop the archival value to replace it with software, but will have place for both. And librarians will always be needed: as guides whether to help select books or to narrow the search for websites; to help provide the resources as well as to help find and select what the user wants.

Week 6 Thing 14 - Technorati

Technorati Profile
I've made a claim to Technorati but I don't know if I want to go that public. I just want to try it.
Typing in: school libarary learning 2.0 I got over a thousand hits. Adding quotes narrowed it to about 200.
Add to Technorati Favorites

Week 6 Thing 13 - bookmarking

Ok, I've tried both Magnolia and Delicious. Both are good. I like how Delicious keeps a list of tags visible. I like how Magnolia made it easy to set as private; I was able to with Delicious after some searching. I like how Delicious has the icon on the toolbar. Makes Delicious by default easier to use.

Week 6 Thing 13 - social bookmarking

I'm surprised you didn't include this site by Lee LeFever in your list of resources
His was the best tutorial I've seen and sold me on social bookmarking before I even got to Week 6. I'd never heard of social bookmarking. Also, I was interested in trying because of his tutorial, but I am interested in trying the Magnolia bookmarking tool which won the web 2.0 2007 award. If I have time I'll try both

if you leave

copy of the music from Pretty in Pink

Nobody Takes Me Seriously

by Split Enz. For when you are feeling isolated in the library. Fun

Stray Cat Strut

by the Stray Cats. For when you are feeling confident you could just dance


Romantic song from the musical "Cats"

Lady in Red

Another try to share this romantic song

Week 5 Thing 12 - Rollyo

I created a Rollyo but didn't find it very useful. It would display a lot of other stuff and didn't go directly to the sites like I expected. I'm not sure how it works yet or its usefulness, and therefore how helpfull it would be to new users I would want to send to it. The other ones I went to were hard to get information from too, except Quick Quotes. That I liked a lot.

Week 5 Thing 11 Nings

I just joined not one, but 2 Nings. It was so easy since they both had the same format. I joined TeacherLibrary Ning and when I went to sign up for Teacher2.0 Ning it seemed to already recognize my user name. I made a blog entry on each, inspired by the blog entry of another School Library Learning 2.0 participant.

Week 5 Thing 11 Bookmarking
I want to save this site that won an award on Web 2.0 awards 2007. I read a tutorial on social bookmarking and heard about and I want to explore this further later. I can see great advantages to social bookmarking vs adding to favorites. Magnolia's tutorial mentioned saving a page so it is available even if it gets moved (or even deleted?) so you can still refer to it later. Cool! So many tools to use, if we only knew about them. Thanks for this "class".

Week 5 Thing 11 - Library2

LIBRARY THING got 3rd place in the Web 2.0 Awards, 2007
Ok, another try with the html that is supposed to provide a link to my library with one book entered so far.
Yay! it works! I see that the book showed up in the previous blog too, which looked blank before I entered my first title. I'm not sure I like all the links. I hope I can edit links out so it only goes to one. But I guess blogging is all about sharing and networking, which means many links.
I wasn't able to get all the information automatically that I'd hoped for. But the link to Amazon will link to more information, and the covers are good for promoting the books. Easy to use. Maybe what I need to do is create a new blog specific for books to have our school community go to.
Actually, as I play around with this, I do like the 3 types of links (one to my customized book list, one to give credit to LibraryThing, and one to to learn more about each book)
Note: Rather than post a new blog each time I tried something, I edited this blog. That is why it says "one book", but you see 3. I can go back and change the html for a different appearance, which is why I left the first blog as is, to compare and see what changes as more books are added.

Week 5 Thing 11 Library

I can't believe this is available. I haven't tried it yet but the potential! I have been manually entering information, often with multiple windows open to find information at Amazon or public libraries, onto my library web page. This looks very time saving and, I hope, attractive. Let's see how easy it is to navigate (I already read through directions and tips and logged in and set up a profile) and what the finished product looks like...
Well, so far the html hasn't shown up on the blog preview. Hmmm.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Week 5 Thing 11 - Lulu, award winning

Lulu, first place Web 2.0 2007 awards under the category of books.
Wow. Create your own book. You input all the information and they create and handle sales, costing you nothing, although they get a percentage of any sales made. Free otherwise. I want to try it out but I don't know if I'll get any product. One way to have your own book/writings published without having to go through rejection slips from publishing companies.
I tried a quick sample brochure (thinking of those state reports) but all I could see was a pdf of the pictures I downloaded. So I tried by page in MSWord and the conversion still looked just like a word document when I printed it. I don't know what changes from their end but it doesn't seem like a quick product for students to make. I don't think I'd spend any more time there unless I wanted to actually publish a finished product.

Week 5 Thing 10 - personalized messages

Image Chef. Another really easy tool to use. You get to personalize images they provide. Note the appropriate currently-in-fad choice here (Harry Potter, Book 7, just out this summer). Find them here: - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
And YAY, the picture showed up, not just a link to the picture. - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

Week 5 Thing 10 - comics

Comic Strip Generator is not as user friendly. Not at all easy to post to the blog. I had to figure out how to save it and then it had to be sent to email. The email never showed up. Then I tried the html code and it didn't work at first. I finally used copy and paste of the html code and a link takes you to the comic. There are distracting ads.
This was made at Comic Strip Maker
They supply the graphics and you choose title, text, and font. There are links to many more.
bart-simpson-peaking-simpsons comic strip
Despite the time stamp saying 5:29, this took much longer. It is actually after 6pm that I finally got everything to work. Once you learn how though, it is easy enough. Learning curve is significant.

Week 5 Thing 10 - frame

Again FDToys at
This time frame your picture, about 20 to choose from in a wide varety. This frame is "frosted glass" You can easily preview and change the frame. These are just too fun to stop.
Note that there is a snake in the center of this picture.

Week 5 Thing 10 - poster

Also from FDToys at
Movie poster: very simple tool to use. More choices (font and background color, text, title font style). Makes ordinary pictures look very cool. I could see using this to motivate students to participate in our school reading program. As it is, I take a picture of a student and post it in the cafeteria. How much more thrilled they would be to see it displayed like this!!! I will use this tool this year for sure.

Week 5 Thing 10 - calendar

From FDtoys site - create a calendar
Wow! This was easy!
At first it was confusing because it did not look like a site to make things. Then I saw a little box that said "jump to" and found their drop down menu and chose "calendar". Not too many choices on how to make the calendar, such as adding important dates, but real easy to make a standard dates page with picture.

Week 4 Thing 9 - exploring feeds

Using Blogpulse, I see that "CSLA2.0" hasn't been talked about since the end of June. Using "library2.0" as a search term I found a site that links to NECC 2007 information literacy webcasts so we can hear the ideas of 3 speakers who presented at that very renowned conference. I like the idea of having links to speakers at conferences on our school webpages. "Library Learning 2.0" got many more current links that were fun to read - from librarians.

Technorati was at first as intimidating as Google for the number of hits and having to scan tons of personal entries, but some nuggets quickly showed up and I am starting to see names become familiar in the world of librarians. This article was recommended: It is useful to read other librarian's thoughts on our need to keep up to date technically. To evaluate the actual use of technology in planning for my own library.

I thought would be better for reliable sources vs bloggers but was surprised that the same web blog showed up in their list as the one I mentioned above (otherlibrarian).

I couldn't see what was so great in the Edublog award winning blogs. But I did see potential in the Best Librarian/Library Blog 2006 Finalists. There were links to well-known speakers and their blog sites whose thoughts I'd be interested in reading.

Right now I need to remember time management. As usual reading and clicking can be mesmerizing. It is time to move on.

But before I do, I just found out where my feeds were being saved (that I did not get through Google's reader). I found out while I was subscribing to School Library Blogs.

Week 4 Thing 8 RSS

First I read about RSS to find out what it was; I had never even heard of it before. Then I tried to subscribe to several news feeds without getting a reader first - oops.
Then my daughter got involved and showed me how to find music and together we "granted" permission to add four songs to my blog site. It was so fun. I could find songs I hadn't heard for years. However, I later edited the title and labels of my posts and the music connections disappeared! The titles still show but not the link to click on to hear the music. I will try later to repair that.
Meanwhile, I read the Google tutorial. The directions were easy to understand with many visuals for clarification. Using Google's reader also allowed for very easy connection to my blog, which is under Google already, and I was able to use the same login and password, which simplifies things.
There were two benefits to this exercise.
First, I have been interested in reading news from the internet rather than wading through just our local paper. A friend had suggested several online news sources he uses for "better" news. Now I can have them at my finger tips without trying to remember where to connect to them.
Second, my daughter and I had fun with her teaching me how to get music I like and her sharing the music she likes. She actually volunteered to make a connection between hers and my accounts so we could each see and hear what the other was adding in the way of music, and then comment. When I questioned the lyrics I thought I was hearing, she had them print out so I could read them. It is nice to open communications again with my teenager.
As a wrap up I viewed the tutorial by Lee LeFever and was impressed at how quickly and clearly he explained the advatages of RSS using visuals and audio in such simple but easy to remember descriptions. I can use his teaching style in my own class. His following presentation on social bookmarking also caught my interest and I intend to sign up for I can use it to organize the "teacher resources" web links I plan to add to my library web pages. Always more ideas and more to do!
Furthermore, I tried to read the blog discussion on the differences between RSS feeds and blogging but could not find it. Instead I read about what makes a good blog and will try to keep those tips in mind (e.g. shorter, good grammar, frequent posts but not too frequent, responding to comments, including visuals...). However, now I can not find that discussion again.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Nobody takes me seriously anyway

by the Split Enz. Ever have one of those days when you feel isolated in the library? Fun

Stray Cat Strut

Ever feel so confident you just want to laugh out loud and start dancing?

"Memory", from "Cats"

Another romantic crooner

"Lady in Red"

This song is sooo romantic!

Week 3 Thing 7 - comments

OK, I was impressed with Check it Out! and made two comments. I went to posts made for the Thing #s I've worked on and I wonder if people go back and check for comments made on entries they made awhile ago.

Week 3 Thing 7 - Technology

I've always liked taking pictures and using the camcorder. I've archived photos and video tapes with details of when and why they were taken.
Since getting a digital camera I've taken many more pictures but haven't archived them nearly as well - because there are so many of them. I do archive somewhat but rarely take the time to print them out.
I've stood in line at Kinko's - they are so expensive.
I've stood in line at K-Mart. There are so many people that when it is finally my turn I feel rushed to try to do my own. I am now reluctant to wait and then hurry so I resist going there. I have to organize first on a disk, then take it to K-Mart where I can hurry through the process.
Well, the digital camera, which we purchased used from a friend, has about died. I have wanted to get a new camera for over a year and keep hesitating because I want to research it first. As my daughter says though, ANY digital camera we get now will be 10 times better than the slow one we had to start out on. Oh yes, you may also have noticed already that all the pictures have a blue tinge to them.
I had made a promise to myself to do the research in time for a new camera for our April trip, then the May Science Olympia event my daughter competed in, and now I've tried again to set a deadline - this summer, which is almost over.
There are so many new technologies out there that just keep getting better (and often cheaper) that it is hard to choose.
Meanwhile I've used the school digital camera to take pictures to use there, but those pictures are saved on the school network which I can't access from home. It is time to get a camera.
I finally got a cell phone this year, to be used only in emergencies, and whenever my husband thinks I'm working too late at the school.
I love/hate technology. You HAVE to be a life long learner to use it!

Week 3 Thing 6

Wow, that was fun but the day is GONE. This is why I rarely even start exploring new sites - they take a big chunk of time.

I created a trading card which I kept private because I have a personal photo on it.

I also ended up mapping our April 2007 family vacation pictures which I'd love to share with my parents. Any travel pics from now on will have to go on a map. What a great way to organize. I had to use google to verify the locations of the pictures because already I'd forgotten which state and which highway we were on when we hiked the falls and stopped at scenic look outs.
I ended up using national park sites to review where we were and learned more about our trip today. For example, according to the National Parks site, the falls we hiked are the second highest year-round flowing falls in the United States, and Yosemite Falls, which we have visited frequently, is the highest. However, according to Wikipedia, there are many others that have a greater drop.

To see pictures on the map, visit my URL Flikr site: by clicking here, then click on "map"

Week 3 Thing 5 challenge

This "discovery" was more challenging than I expected. In order to post a picture from Flikr I established an account, uploaded two pictures, tagged them, described them, read two tutorials, searched on help... but was still unable to get the picture from Flikr to post to my blog. Instead I eventually uploaded it from my computer through Blogger's compose window. That was easy enough. The tutorial (on Flikr?) mentioned establishing an account with Google in order to "grant" permission to get photos from Flikr to my blog, but I could not find where to "grant". I set up a document on my home computer to keep track of passwords and in this course it was essential. I am creating accounts right and left (to start a blog, to use Flikr, to create an avatar, etc) Thank you for the hyperlinks; I don't know if I'd ever have found the help section for getting the photo on my blog otherwise (without spending more hours). My Flickr account URL is This is a nice tool for keeping the many digital pictures organized and also as a back up because pictures stored on the home computer have already been lost due to computer crashes.

Week 2 Thing 4

PS your link on Week 2, Thing 3 is broken: "3. Select your template. Blogger has several templates - have fun choosing one for you! If you run into problems, check out Blogger's Help file and Tutorial or ask your CSLA 2.0 Team." I was looking for a way to email you when I tried this link. I then tried the "register now" in step 4 and was able to proceed. Aug 24, 2007

Week 2 Thing 4

Hey, I just noticed you use for the learning online program!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Week 2 Thing 3 Avatar

Yahoo! Avatars "Me" in a public library (since our school libraries require classroom space/tables/chairs, this picture couldn't be our school library). Creating an avatar was easy but time consuming - trying to find something that showed my style. I could not find a way to choose hair color or shoe type (more options that I have seen in kids's games where they get to develop their own character). As usual I took more time than necessary trying to make something more specific than necessary. But it was fun! It was real easy to export it to the blog.
I did have difficulty trying to edit my blog, learning where to choose edit from. My mistake was thinking the edit view was one word instead of two choices, and I didn't find the blog site real easy to navigate back and forth. Some parts were very easy, such as "add new blog". In trying to edit my blog title and label to make a correction, I found how to customize the colors and font so my blog isn't limited to the template. Again, I couldn't resist trying a few things when my actual goal at the time was to simply edit the title. Since I am on a tight schedule with such a late start I need to time manage more strictly. But I love to learn! It is so hard to resist trying new things "just for a few minutes"

Week 1 Thing 2

The easiest learning habit for me to follow is #2, to take responsibility for my own learning. I like learning, I find reading engaging when it relates to what I have interests in, and I don't mind asking questions to get clarification or get back on track with what is due to complete the task. I am good at researching to get the help I need. I also learn by being interested in what others are doing, trying to improve my service to the school community, and finding just about anything interesting (people, nature, stories...)

The hardest part is step #7 1/2, play, because there are so many things that need doing, and other people who I would like to help (so I am ok with the mentoring/teaching others also), that the play time gets set aside because it is not "due" yet, unless it is play that someone else instigates. Play is seldom a goal.
Another hard learning habit for me is #1, to see the end result. I have multiple goals, and I see the end result as an ideal, but I have to overcome obstacles like scheduling and staying on the path when I have multiple goals with different paths. Especially since I add goals as I interact with other people and get requests or ideas for more projects. As I set a goal for the contract, I realized how often I set multiple goals and many don't get done to my satisfaction, except those required by someone else with a set dead line.

I found the contract portion of the learning habits tutorial especially helpful in getting started on this course because I had already set the goal but needed to define it more specifically and priortize it. The obstacles, once listed, were much easier to work around because they were clarified and could be dealt with one at a time so the solution was simplified. Then I could focus more on managing my time - by noting my weaknesses and strengths to be more efficient at completing the goal! Thank you. I can see myself using this method again. I do the same steps in my head but by putting it on paper and checking my progress I can see myself less likely to get side tracked (because my curiosity is a strength as well as a weakness that pulls me in many directions), and more likely to reach my goal.

Week 1 Thing 1

I wanted to do this program because it would earn me hours for professional development, keep me in touch with other librarians, and most of all, force me to set aside the time to learn about technology my daughter uses in a context I would use myself. I want to know the current technology terminology (what it really means to use it, as well as a definition) and I want to find ways to share the technology with our staff at school when they are too swamped to know from personal experience. I also want to know what is appropriate for elementary-age students to access on school computers, especially on their free time.


Welcome to the thoughts of a library teacher.