Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Week 9 Thing 21 Podcast

Frustrations. First time I've had so much trouble. I can find and hear podcasts just fine, but trying to save them or add to my blog has been impossible so far.
Actually, I have successfully bookmarked some good booktalks and Yahoo does have many podcasts to choose from. Found a few on podcast.net too (good one on bookbanning week about experiences with censorship).
I installed yahoo to get podcasts. I was unhappy that unsolicited yahoo email and yahoo toolbar and yahoo default browser and very intrusive ad pop ups appeared. Yahoo's program was VERY slow and frequently seemed to freeze, even on our fiberoptic service. So I uninstalled everything yahoo.
I just tried again with custom install and was able to keep out the default browser, toolbar and email. I'll see if I have any success in saving anything this time in "my subscriptions". Before I was unable to subscribe or download an episode.
Wish me luck. I've already spent so much time here I'm about ready to give up.

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