Saturday, August 25, 2007

Week 4 Thing 9 - exploring feeds

Using Blogpulse, I see that "CSLA2.0" hasn't been talked about since the end of June. Using "library2.0" as a search term I found a site that links to NECC 2007 information literacy webcasts so we can hear the ideas of 3 speakers who presented at that very renowned conference. I like the idea of having links to speakers at conferences on our school webpages. "Library Learning 2.0" got many more current links that were fun to read - from librarians.

Technorati was at first as intimidating as Google for the number of hits and having to scan tons of personal entries, but some nuggets quickly showed up and I am starting to see names become familiar in the world of librarians. This article was recommended: It is useful to read other librarian's thoughts on our need to keep up to date technically. To evaluate the actual use of technology in planning for my own library.

I thought would be better for reliable sources vs bloggers but was surprised that the same web blog showed up in their list as the one I mentioned above (otherlibrarian).

I couldn't see what was so great in the Edublog award winning blogs. But I did see potential in the Best Librarian/Library Blog 2006 Finalists. There were links to well-known speakers and their blog sites whose thoughts I'd be interested in reading.

Right now I need to remember time management. As usual reading and clicking can be mesmerizing. It is time to move on.

But before I do, I just found out where my feeds were being saved (that I did not get through Google's reader). I found out while I was subscribing to School Library Blogs.

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