Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Week 8 Thing 19 Library Thing

I am pleased with the ability to post book covers (compliments of Amazon) and to easily connect to LibraryThing where I can have an easy-to-accumulate list of titles with a variety of ways to display them.
However, I have been looking for the catalog information and have been able to find only some on the API: reviews (by posters, not known reveiwers), title, author (which display on my library page anyway), LCCN, Dewey, subjects (very helpful), but no summary or professional reviews, my main goal.
However, the link to Amazon.com supplies some more information.
I am back to getting catalog information from public libraries. I was hoping Library Thing would be easier and replace the cumbersome search.
What I dislike about Library Thing's search widget is that I enter a title and get anything that has a word of the title in it. It is like trying to search Google using words without quotes and getting way too many irrelevant hits to wade through. Aha! Maybe that was my mistake. I'll try again.
I have come to the conclusion that Library Thing is not what I'm looking for to help with my cataloging, but is great for easy access to titles to display the books online. I will use it.
And its FREE!

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