Sunday, August 26, 2007

Week 7 Thing 16 - Wikis

At least I'd heard of wikis before because of the high profile of Wikipedia. As soon as I read and heard (podcast tutorials) more about wikis, I thought of a use for a project we've been wondering how to approach.

We want to set up a calendar that lists members' schedules to try to minimize time conflicts to meetings. Each member should be able to add their schedule to a master. A wiki sounds like the way to go, once I figure out where to find a free one, and then how to get an editable calendar onto it.

I enjoyed reading from links from various wikis you had links to. The wiki of a school library had some resources I can use and I bookmarked them with Delicious.

(Yes, Delicious has become the bookmarker of choice because of its shortcut on the toolbar. I still need to explore Magnolia more before I make a final choice.)

I enjoyed the CSLA wiki where I read blogs from someone who had already completed Library Learning 2.0. I already agree with some of her week 9 summary, such as liking blogging when I didn't expect to.
The request for someone living in the area to add local restaurants to recommend to the CSLA conference's unofficial wiki guide is a good example of community imput and networking.

I also was glad to read the reply to the common question/fear (which I shared) about people messing up the common work. I guess it is like vandalism. People who take pride in their community help to prevent it or clean it up.

I wondered what the difference was between a blog and a wiki, or a Ning and the vaious definitions clarified it quite well, although uses can blur the lines.

I feel quite confident that if anyone mentions blogging, Nings, social bookmarking, or wikis, I'll have a real good idea what they are talking about now. I'm not sure I've heard of anything except blogging and role playing (I mean, haha, RPing of course) before, so maybe my acquaintances and co-workers don't know about them either.

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