Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Week 9 Thing 23 - Library Thing

Well, this is very frustrating. In Week 8 Thing 19 I posted a Library Thing widget. I made a new post with a Library Thing search widget. I used both. They worked well. I was enthusiastic. But today the widgets are gone. Poof. Disappeared. Did I miss something? Is there some fine print somewhere that explains that widgets expire with time? I had the same problem in Week 5 when I first tried out Library Thing.
Hey, I just went back, and the widgets are showing up in week 5!. I opened Library Thing to see if that made a difference. Now that I see Week 5 is back, I looked again and Week 8 is back too. Maybe it just takes awhile for them to load? I'll test that if I close Library Thing account if the widgets stay or not.
Yep, I closed it and they are still there. I guess it is a matter of time. They must take longer to load than video or music, which were there when I searched for Library Thing book covers.
All is well.

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