Monday, August 27, 2007

Week 7 Thing 17 - wikis

After creating a wiki so I could make a shared calendar I visited the California Curriculum Connections wiki. I bookmarked it because of the resources for ideas for using the technology I learned about this summer.
I added one about using blogging for keeping in touch with book club members, a group which keeps dissolving after the specified time for setting up. I think this could keep it going. Students show an interest in continuing but forget to show up on meeting days. This way they could respond whenever they had the time, rather than trying to meet at certain times on certain days. The avatar will be a big draw! A wiki could work too.
I was very interested in the Learning-2.0-once-a-week idea. I want to share the technology i've learned with teachers but fitting it in their busy schedule has always been a problem. However, showing a product, such as a personalized Flikr calendar or movie poster, usually gets attention that could lead to short short short teaching opportunities, one teacher at a time, or even a grade at a time. They are usually pretty accomodating during grade level meetings if they think it will be quick. I have to try.
I can see blogs or wikis replacing emails at school since most teachers at our school are reluctant to check their email because the login is so long and the spam so invasive.

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