Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Week 9 Thing 20 YouTube Stop

As I feared. Too much fun, too much time spent here. After I posted the first YouTube video (Angry Librarian), I saw it had been viewed and favorited many times and it was one of the first examples I found on my own. Therefore I suspect others in our "class" have already seen it. Makes me want to check other 2.0 blogs and see what was deemed worth putting in these postings.
What surprised me: found a lot of "library/book" videos, several with kids. Had never heard of a book cart competition until today.
Was very easy to set up an account and post.
What I don't like: no rating system to protect young viewers
I like that when you click on the video on the blog site you see just the video; a double click takes you to see it on YouTube, which I couldn't allow in a school library. I suspect our filters at school would prevent access anyway. I'll have to test that.
Another great experience. I'd seen YouTube before but because of your guidance I got much more from the experience this time - searching and posting rather than just random viewing.
I chose Angry Librarian, which should have been labeled Angry Patron, because it is a backward compliment to librarians who are actually helpful and will leave their desk to assist, share their information and resources, and teach a patron how to help themselves. It reminds us that our job is to be helpful, not just preserve the resources. It also is humorous to poke fun at the frustration we face sometimes because of restrictions put in place (eg so much security on computers that their usefulness is limited - filters and firewalls strike a chord?).

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