Monday, August 27, 2007

Week 8 Thing 18 Post test from Zoho

This is a test to see how my posting can be varied by using Zoho.

What can I do here that I can't do in my blog? Change Fonts. Font size.

Font color? Smileyssealed.

Tables, but not the way I'm used to in WordI can't seem to "undo" this table or delete it.I can't seem to resize this table, although changing border lines was easy

Cool! I can add color to the table easily enough.

Wow, a quick horizontal rule instead of "shift underline".

Now I can even add background color only where I'm typing, not the whole page.

  • 1. Bullets and numbering
  • Undo and redo thank goodness. superscript and subscript
  • ¥ →¢ Special characters. I can actually insert a cent sign instead of typing the word.
  • The text cloud isn't showing up. I couldn't resize it in Zoho either

When I edited I shortened a red line, changed the title and added labels. The red line went almost completely away and a green line that had shown up earlier has now disappeared. Another edit to record this and the red line is all gone and the font size example changed.
Not a good idea to edit a post saved from zoho.
I am going to post the original to my blog again and make no edits to compare how it changes after I edited this one.

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