Sunday, August 26, 2007

Week 5 Thing 11 - Library2

LIBRARY THING got 3rd place in the Web 2.0 Awards, 2007
Ok, another try with the html that is supposed to provide a link to my library with one book entered so far.
Yay! it works! I see that the book showed up in the previous blog too, which looked blank before I entered my first title. I'm not sure I like all the links. I hope I can edit links out so it only goes to one. But I guess blogging is all about sharing and networking, which means many links.
I wasn't able to get all the information automatically that I'd hoped for. But the link to Amazon will link to more information, and the covers are good for promoting the books. Easy to use. Maybe what I need to do is create a new blog specific for books to have our school community go to.
Actually, as I play around with this, I do like the 3 types of links (one to my customized book list, one to give credit to LibraryThing, and one to to learn more about each book)
Note: Rather than post a new blog each time I tried something, I edited this blog. That is why it says "one book", but you see 3. I can go back and change the html for a different appearance, which is why I left the first blog as is, to compare and see what changes as more books are added.


School Library Learning 2.0 Team said...

Blog editing is a good thing. I go back and edit my posts from time to time, as I find new links to reference or typos to correct...

oweLMT2 said...

Thank you. I'm glad to know someone is still out there this late in the summer. I thought old posts would become obsolete though.