Friday, August 24, 2007

Week 3 Thing 7 - Technology

I've always liked taking pictures and using the camcorder. I've archived photos and video tapes with details of when and why they were taken.
Since getting a digital camera I've taken many more pictures but haven't archived them nearly as well - because there are so many of them. I do archive somewhat but rarely take the time to print them out.
I've stood in line at Kinko's - they are so expensive.
I've stood in line at K-Mart. There are so many people that when it is finally my turn I feel rushed to try to do my own. I am now reluctant to wait and then hurry so I resist going there. I have to organize first on a disk, then take it to K-Mart where I can hurry through the process.
Well, the digital camera, which we purchased used from a friend, has about died. I have wanted to get a new camera for over a year and keep hesitating because I want to research it first. As my daughter says though, ANY digital camera we get now will be 10 times better than the slow one we had to start out on. Oh yes, you may also have noticed already that all the pictures have a blue tinge to them.
I had made a promise to myself to do the research in time for a new camera for our April trip, then the May Science Olympia event my daughter competed in, and now I've tried again to set a deadline - this summer, which is almost over.
There are so many new technologies out there that just keep getting better (and often cheaper) that it is hard to choose.
Meanwhile I've used the school digital camera to take pictures to use there, but those pictures are saved on the school network which I can't access from home. It is time to get a camera.
I finally got a cell phone this year, to be used only in emergencies, and whenever my husband thinks I'm working too late at the school.
I love/hate technology. You HAVE to be a life long learner to use it!

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