Friday, August 24, 2007

Week 3 Thing 5 challenge

This "discovery" was more challenging than I expected. In order to post a picture from Flikr I established an account, uploaded two pictures, tagged them, described them, read two tutorials, searched on help... but was still unable to get the picture from Flikr to post to my blog. Instead I eventually uploaded it from my computer through Blogger's compose window. That was easy enough. The tutorial (on Flikr?) mentioned establishing an account with Google in order to "grant" permission to get photos from Flikr to my blog, but I could not find where to "grant". I set up a document on my home computer to keep track of passwords and in this course it was essential. I am creating accounts right and left (to start a blog, to use Flikr, to create an avatar, etc) Thank you for the hyperlinks; I don't know if I'd ever have found the help section for getting the photo on my blog otherwise (without spending more hours). My Flickr account URL is This is a nice tool for keeping the many digital pictures organized and also as a back up because pictures stored on the home computer have already been lost due to computer crashes.

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