Thursday, August 23, 2007

Week 1 Thing 2

The easiest learning habit for me to follow is #2, to take responsibility for my own learning. I like learning, I find reading engaging when it relates to what I have interests in, and I don't mind asking questions to get clarification or get back on track with what is due to complete the task. I am good at researching to get the help I need. I also learn by being interested in what others are doing, trying to improve my service to the school community, and finding just about anything interesting (people, nature, stories...)

The hardest part is step #7 1/2, play, because there are so many things that need doing, and other people who I would like to help (so I am ok with the mentoring/teaching others also), that the play time gets set aside because it is not "due" yet, unless it is play that someone else instigates. Play is seldom a goal.
Another hard learning habit for me is #1, to see the end result. I have multiple goals, and I see the end result as an ideal, but I have to overcome obstacles like scheduling and staying on the path when I have multiple goals with different paths. Especially since I add goals as I interact with other people and get requests or ideas for more projects. As I set a goal for the contract, I realized how often I set multiple goals and many don't get done to my satisfaction, except those required by someone else with a set dead line.

I found the contract portion of the learning habits tutorial especially helpful in getting started on this course because I had already set the goal but needed to define it more specifically and priortize it. The obstacles, once listed, were much easier to work around because they were clarified and could be dealt with one at a time so the solution was simplified. Then I could focus more on managing my time - by noting my weaknesses and strengths to be more efficient at completing the goal! Thank you. I can see myself using this method again. I do the same steps in my head but by putting it on paper and checking my progress I can see myself less likely to get side tracked (because my curiosity is a strength as well as a weakness that pulls me in many directions), and more likely to reach my goal.

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